Make faster & better decisions, based on data from your organisation

Delti is an AI assessment tool that helps you uncover critical information to mitigate unforeseen setbacks in any corporate initiatives
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An assessment platform providing you with the data-driven insight you need to improve teams and projects' success rate


Define the nature of your initiative

Together we identify and clarify your data-driven opportunities and adapt them to the nature of your business efforts.


Efficient and targeted data collection through pulses

We help you collect the data you need in a way that suits your needs. No unnecessary software integrations or onboarding needed.


From unstructured data to advanced insights

We use predictive models and algorithms to evaluate performance and effectiveness against your business objectives.


Progress without unforeseen setbacks

We help you target inefficiencies, misaligned incentives and hidden risks so you can stay one step ahead and avoid preventable challenges


Successful project delivery powered by AI

We help you harness the power of AI to foster a sustainable efficiency and reach outstanding project deliveries.

What can Delti help you with?

At Delti, we believe equipping your organisation and teams with state of the art technology is crucial to carry out successful programmes.

We have thus built a ground-breaking AI solution allowing companies to link key aspects of their desired corporate outcomes to their current performance.

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Construction Projects

Understand the pain points and hidden risks in construction projects with multiple parties and subcontractors involved.

Change Programmes

Gain full control over your change initiatives by tapping into the minds and perspectives of your employees.

Mergers & Acquisitions

De-risk and create alignment in the integration of mergers and acquisitions.

Supply Chain Management

Gain actionable insights for optimizing your supply chain and targeting bottle necks.

Use Case #1

Delti delivered an Innovation Capability Assessment on critical functions within the client’s IT, Risk and Analysis departments. Delti identified several actionable recommendations implemented by the client to improve their innovation culture and collaboration environment for cross functional teams.This exercise saved the client several hundred thousand in consulting fees and workforce satisfaction in Innovation projects increased by over 40% the next quarter.

Government Agency, UK

Use Case #2

An operational readiness committee was set–up to deliver a critical digital transformation program during the company’s largest M&A process to date. Delti delivered tangible recommendations and insights so that the client was able to improve alignment, communication, and collaboration factors within the digital transformation program. Delti enabled the client to meet their deadlines of the program and better adjust their positioning to deliver project success.

Top Ten Telco Company, UK


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